Digital Wayfinding Screens

Modern digital solutions and screens for wayfinding signage allowing the content on display to be updated quickly and regularly. A popular choice for event halls, museums, galleries or retail stores to sign various events or special offers. We are happy to advise on the floor standing or wall mounting screen and signage solutions available.

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Incredibly wayfinding solutions with the use of digital signage or screens.

Wayfinding has been an important part of the customer experience for many years, from museums and galleries to shopping centres and malls, people need to know where to find what they’re looking for, and the best route to take.

Traditional wayfinding solutions consist of permanent signage and display, which can be tricky and time consuming to update.

Our digital screen wayfinding solutions are a fantastic, modern way to direct your visitors whilst being able to update the screens as quickly as a click of a button.

Simply change the name or description on your screen to suit changing exhibitions or events happening, allowing the signage to be completely up to date at all times.

Large floor standing digital totem displays or wall mounting digital screens signs are amongst the many choices available.

Our digital wayfinding screens are available in a huge selection of sizes and with or without built in surrounds. They are also available with networking software allowing updates to multiple screens to happen in one location if desired.


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